May 14th, 2019

Play of the Game

Richmond Hill Ladies Slo-pitch 

May 7th, 2019

Purple Reign’s Penny Napier must have heard about the upcoming heroes and villains theme for this weekend. Last night she came impersonating Elastigirl ( better known as Mrs. Incredible). It was the bottom of the first inning with a runner on second base and a fly ball was hit to centre field.  Penny ran in to field the ball and was too far left of the hit.  The runner took off and everyone thought it would be a good solid single. Penny through her arm out to the side made the catch and picked the runner off second for a double play. She had everyone fooled and seriously looked like she had the arms of Elasitgirl.   Bats were strong for both teams and it wasn’t until the open inning that Purple’s bats rallied and they came back to beat the Grey team 16-15.

May 14th, 2019

The weather a little nicer, but the diamond a little muddier the team came to play. Purple Reign defeated the Blue team in a tight 16 -11 win.  

The play of the game for purple was a perfectly executed relay from Sherry in field to Karen at the cut off to Patricia at second for the out.  Kudos to Alyssa for 2 great hits to the outfield and for being able to run like a deer.

The season opener was a chilly one.  Purple Reign never warmed up enough to defeat the Green team.  Congrats to them for their first win.