Tuesday July 3, 2018

Team Blue celebrating their 1st win !

Tuesday June 26, 2018

Tuesday June 12, 2018

Terri showing off her new batting gloves!

  • Red team had a great win over orange.  There were some awesome hits by all but play of the game goes to Paula for her 3 run home run.  Special mention to Kaitlyn for keeping her mother on her toes, literally, with a line drive to 3rd base while Michelle was standing on it.
  • ​​The Blue Yay’s didn’t quite finish with the score they wanted, 22-12 against the team 2 green. The new kid on the team Taylor, earned herself a few plays of the game with two big catches on left field and a huge hit in the last inning to send two home and herself to third! Looking forward to the weekend ladies! 

Tuesday June 5, 2018

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Taylor!

  • Yager bombers were just on fire last night.   The entire team was pounding the ball and we also extend thanks to Leanne and Michelle for coming out to help us as subs. Special note goes out to Alyssa M for her home run (we're pretty sure she was trying to impress her boyfriend) LOL
  • ​What a game for the blue Yay’s. Everyone played their positions to the best of their abilities and it showed! Almost three, maybe even four innings in a row was three up... three down! Finishing the game with a 17-7 win against the green team! 
  • Orange Crushers played a double header. MVP's for the game are Peggy and Amanda who pitched well to keep the game close in our loss to Red. MVP for game 2 is Judy who had great hits and plays on the bases.

Tuesday August 14, 2018

Play of the Game

  • Orange Crushers MVP for the game is Aindrea She made great stops at short and had great hits
  • ​​10-7 win for the Blue Yay’s against the red team! As Dawn & Penny said, that game was “as blue as it gets” with a leaping catch from Nikki in the second inning, a few strike outs from both Cass and Dawn, a great centre field catch from Penny and a strategic play by Cindy on third and Taylor on short stop. Well done ladies, get ready for our double header next week! 

Tuesday May 8, 2018

Blue Yay's celebrating Taylor's birthday!

Tuesday August 7, 2018

  • Amazing games by both Black and Blue tonight! Great hits, great defence even some chasing between bases! Final score being 11-10 for The Blue Yay’s. Great way to finish off regular season ladies! 
  • Orange Crushers lost to Green. Abby aka the Flash is MVP of the game for running her a** off around the bases; stopping at 3rd and dropping to her knees for a quick prayer, then beating the throw to be safe at home. Way to go Abby!
  • Yager Bombers played a double header - in the first game a shout out to Alyssa for her heavy hitting and in the second game shout out to Diane for sacrificing her hand to make the catch! And for the entire team for holding on to the bitter cold end and making the 3rd out at the plate to hang on to the win!
  • ​​Play of the game goes to Cass, Karen and Nikki for an amazing double play! The batter sent one straight up the middle to cass, causing her to be out at first, then Karen sends one flying to home base where Nikki will make the catch to send another one out at home! Blue Yay’s didnt finish with a win against the Black team but, Dawn definitely scored some brownie points at the tailgate party after 😉 

Tuesday May 29, 2018

Tuesday May 15, 2018

  • Red team or "Double trouble" had a double header.
    We lost the first against black but put in a great effort in the open inning to come back with some good hitting.  Luckily all avoided falling in the mud.
    Game 2 we triumphed over  green.  Plays of the game were Leanne with a diving stop just missing the worst of the mud and Ashley with a fab catch in centre field.

  • ​Blue - Tonight's game was a nail biter! 12-12 tie with Team 1 - Orange. Play of the game goes to Team 3’s- Blue Maddy Kelly! In the top of the 7th inning catching a crucial pop fly for the team, well done Maddy, and well done team! 
  • ​Orange Crushers have their first point of the season with a tie against the Blue team. All Crushers played a great game and earned MVP status!

Tuesday July 31st, 2018

Tuesday July 17, 2018

  • Wanda is the MVP for the Orange Crushers. She hit two balls to the fence in centre field to help us come close in our 13 - 11 loss to Green
  • Yager Bombers play of the game goes to our fabulous pitchers Anna and Sherry for solid pitching!! And a couple great snags in the field by Terri and Terri !
  • ​Winner winners ! Finishing the game with a score of 11-8 for The Blue Yay’s against Red. So many incredible plays tonight, Cass’s two quick catches on the mound, Penny’s homerun, Taylor’s catch in left field, and many more. Well done ladies!  

Tuesday July 11, 2018

  • The Black team comes out with a win for their 1st game. Play of the game for the Black team goes to Krisitn for her massive homer!
  • ​Orange Crushers kicked off the season with a double header against green and black.  We had fun losing both games.
    A special thank you to Miranda for volunteering to be our team rep.  It is Miranda's first year in the league and she did a great job organizing us for our first night at the diamond.
    Birthday girl Amanda stood out as MVP for both games.  She made great stops, covered the bases like a pro, pitched and slid into second.  She did it all.

  • “Great start to the season Team #3! Team Blue finished the night off with a 22-13 win over team #4, Red. There were so many memorable plays of the game that it is hard to pin point one specifically. Definitely not a bad problem to have… hehe! Looking forward to the rest of the season Team Blue!”
  • Double Trouble Red had a close game against the black team and we ended in a tie.  It was a hot one on diamond 2!  Home run by Kaitlyn and a great out on 3rd with relay from Paula in outfield to Leeanne to Sue.  Awesome pitching from Alona and Paula!
  • Yagger Bombers Player of the game for last night july 3rd is Terri L for those snags at shortstop! 
  • Orange Crushers thank Lori and Karen from Blue for joining Orange who were short players.

Tuesday May 22, 2018

  • Yagger Bombers shout out to both Alyssa's for a home run each...and way to go Sherry for turning not one, but two double plays!
  • Blue Yay's play of the game goes to the whole team for pulling off 2 wins in our double header
  • Double Trouble Red had a great game against Orange despite the forgetting the bases! Great job by the ump to make sure no one got injured on base running...sorry your glove got stepped on.  Leeann's bat was on fire with 2 home runs and a triple,  with Kaitlyn adding another home run. Kudos to rookie Michelle for getting some good hits as well!
  • Yagger Bombers paly of the game goes to our fabulous pitchers,  Sheila and Anna for solid pitching! And a couple of great snags in the field by Terri and Terri!
  • The Blue Yay’s had a double header after a big tournament win! Playing the Red team to start and the orange team to follow. Highlight of the games was everyone trying out different positions. Outfielders came in field, infielders went outfield and everyone had a blast! 
  • ​Black beat green 13 to 12.
    Players of the game:  Rachel Gallagher caught her first ever pop fly in outfield and was our winning run to win the game!
    But also shout out to Alyssa L for her first home run for our team.

  • ​​Double Trouble  Red won over the blue team with consistent hard hitting and some aggressive base running.  Play of the game to Nicole for the awesome stop and out at 2nd base. There were some sore and tired players after tournament weekend so great job ladies!
  • Double Trouble Red played a double header.  Game 1 ended in a tie against Green.  Lots of great plays from the outfield into 2nd base for the outs.  Our 2nd game was a win over Orange.  Play of the game to Christine at 2nd with hard hit catch for the out.  Kudos to both our pitchers Paula and Alona.  
  • Blue Yay's couldn't pull out the win against Yagger Bombers but a shout out goes to our very own "psych nurse" Karen for keeping us entertained throughout the game!
  • Yagger Bombers play of the game goes to Alyssa for her home run and a shout out to Terri G for going 4 for 4 with some nice hits!! ​Clearly it was the new batting gloves!
  • Orange Crushers played two good games with great hits from Louanne, Ashley, Sue, Miranda Jenny, Wanda and Carolyn!
  • Double Trouble Red beat Orange with some great defense all around.  Play of the game to Caitlyn with a backhanded scoop catch at 2nd base.  Great game ladies!
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