Crazy hot game tonight, green lost to red 6:12. Play of the game was the amazing mother:daughter work of Naida and Terri

The Red team played a double-header. They won the first game against the green team with some help from a couple players on the grey team, to have them defeat us in our second game.

Tonight Purple faced the Blue team. With no extra on the bench for Purple it was all hands on deck. Even after a long weekend, there were numerous hits by everyone in the bating order and some well caught pot flies. It was a great team effort this week that allowed Purple to defeated Blue in a score of 18 to 4.

Today, on the Red team was Taylor's birthday - and did she pull out a surprise for us, with a double play. It wasn't enough to beat Purple Reign, but we had fun trying!

Tonight Purple Reign played their first double header. Could someone please tell the weather man that this is a summer sport for us ladies not winter.  In the first game Purple defeated the Red team in a score of 22-12.  Purple bats were on fire, Cindy Forde hit two stand up doubles. Cindy we think those lost cleats were holding you back, maybe you should contact Nike for some kind of sponsorship deal! Purple played heads up ball with two double plays in the game, one to end the open inning.  Way to go Cindy F, Barb and Rachel for that great execution.

The second game for Purple meant a second layer of clothing for most. Facing the Blue team we were able to pull off a 19-14 win.  Aindrea’s hit to the fence at the top of the 3rd inning was sweet.  Purple bats remained hot for this game. So in this game Penny thought she would challenge Cindy F on the field.  If Cindy can playwith no cleats then Penny can cover centre field with no glove?   Like I said it was cold and she had her hands nice and warm in her batting gloves……thank goodness team mates feel comfortable enough to point out our shortcomings.  Congrats to Purple for 2 well played games.

Tough loss to purple tonight as we were unable to hold their bats finishing with a final score of 19-14. Thank you to our subs Victoria and Sam for stepping in tonight and helping complete our team! Play of the game goes to Dawn with a rocket to the fences that we were sure was going over.

The season opener was a chilly one.  Purple Reign never warmed up enough to defeat the Green team.  Congrats to them for their first win.

June 4th, 2019

July 2, 2019

May 14th, 2019

Play of the Game

Green had a great game after the pizza  for ladies night tonight winning 13:11 over grey. 
Super team work and some great hits sealed the deal! 

Navy was able to hold off the Red Team’s bats in the open inning to maintain their lead and take home a victory. Shoutout to all those who stood in as umpires today and kept the game fair. You’re the real MVPs. 

The highlights of tonight’s game for team Purple include a long hit by Pat, to the fence for a stand up triple.  Cindy F.  made a great catch in  centre field, sporting a new pair of cleats…. Cinderella’s missing shoe was never returned.  Although our bats were strong we needed more than the 1 hour time slot tonight to even come close to the Grey team as they defeated us in a score of 15 to 7.  Pizza after the game is a great way to celebrate a loss, thanks go to the league for that treat.  

June 11th, 2019

The weather a little nicer, but the diamond a little muddier the team came to play. Purple Reign defeated the Blue team in a tight 16 -11 win.  

The play of the game for purple was a perfectly executed relay from Sherry in field to Karen at the cut off to Patricia at second for the out.  Kudos to Alyssa for 2 great hits to the outfield and for being able to run like a deer.

June 25, 2019

On the Green team, Rachel Gallagher got a single, a double and a triple plus made 2 good catches for outs.
She took a nasty fall last week so this makes up for that.

Tonight Purpled played a double header.  The first game against Grey was a close one but Purple managed to squeak out a 22 to 19 win. Rachel and Cindy both had stand up triples.  Thanks to Peggy and Nancy for helping us out.

The second game purple faced Red. Home runs in this game by Ash, Penny and Victoria put Purple ahead at the end by a score of 19-8. Thanks to Victoria and Jo for subbing in this game for us.

May 21st, 2019

June 18, 2019

Tonight Purple was defeated by Green in a score of 18-12. Ashley G’s (aka Ash) bat was the highlight of the game for Purple Reign.  Two long hits to the fence and a third to center right field for a stand up double, well done Ash. Sherry, realizing when the field is not used for baseball it must be a free run dog park surprised us all with her golden shovel and her pooper scooper talents in center field.  Your fellow outfielders would like to say “Thanks for the grounds keeping Sherry”.

The Navy team couldn't get their bats going, and lost to Green with a final score of 14-4. Play of the game goes to Marciella, who got a killer double play to end the inning.

Tonight Green team played really well, we won 15:4 against blue, play of the game gies to Cassandra for doing a double play.  
The second game we won 18:14 against purple 

Purple Reign’s Penny Napier must have heard about the upcoming heroes and villains theme for this weekend. Last night she came impersonating Elastigirl ( better known as Mrs. Incredible). It was the bottom of the first inning with a runner on second base and a fly ball was hit to centre field.  Penny ran in to field the ball and was too far left of the hit.  The runner took off and everyone thought it would be a good solid single. Penny through her arm out to the side made the catch and picked the runner off second for a double play. She had everyone fooled and seriously looked like she had the arms of Elasitgirl.   Bats were strong for both teams and it wasn’t until the open inning that Purple’s bats rallied and they came back to beat the Grey team 16-15.

July 9, 2019

Richmond Hill Ladies Slo-pitch 

Green lost to purple tonight 8:6 . Play of the game was an amazing outfield catch by Alyssa. 

Tonight Purple defeated Green 6-8 in a very tight well played game.  The play of the game for Purple was a double play executed by Pat.  After fielding a hard hit ball to third she got the first out at her bag and followed up with a great throw to Karen at first for the double play.  Way to go Pat.

May 7th, 2019