Richmond Hill Ladies Slo-pitch 

  • Play of the game: "La Bats Bleu had an awesome night in the field! Madison was a true star out there, getting some great hits throughout the game, and she made all three outs at second base,in the third inning!! It was great! Her family had come out to cheer her on, so it was a very special night for her! Way to go Madison!!"
  • Canadian Mint was up for their 1st of consecutive double headers! In the first game Sue made a wonderful snag at SS and Jackie grabbed another ball at 2nd base shortly after! In the 2nd game Cindy reached to make a great catch in the outfield and Anna was a magnet at 2nd base. Tavannah and Jen's bats were aiming for opposite field and they both fired them out there!
  • Crazy Canucks play of the game goes to Rebecca for an awesome hit and some RBI's!!!
  • La Bats Bleus 1st game vs against Orange. Play of the game - " Orange gave us a good run for our money. It was neck in neck for most of the game, and then in the open inning we scored 9 runs!!! Whaaaa????? Way to go La Bat's Bleu!!" 2nd game we won against Green. Play of the game -" This game saw us tied or very close for most of the game. Dawn played an outstanding game!! It came down to the last inning. We were down by 2 runs, but managed to score 3!! Yay Bleu!!​
  • La Bats Bleus played the Black Flies, and they were buzzing all around us, but we held our own, and made some great plays throughout the game, including a double play in the second inning!! Unfortunately we called the game in the fifth inning due to an injury. 
  • Crazy Canucks (Red) play of the game goes to Sheila with her beautiful, graceful dive/out at second!
  • Silver Maples played a very slippery game with 2 great outs for Natalie and a wicked hit for Marlene. Go Silver Maples!! 
  • Canadian Mint definitely struggled for the first few innings - it wasn't pretty. But thankfully we were able to pull it together in the open inning and squeak by "Orange you Glad" winning by 1 run. Play of the game goes to Jen for making an awesome catch in left field! Look out May tourney, here we come!
  • Black Flies, Eh! Play of the game - Double play with a pop fly to Amanda in left (STELLAR CATCH) who then ran the ball in to get the out at second!!  
    With two outs in the second, Shirly got her first on base!!! Peggy literally took one for the team. The game was called in the fifth due to injury. 

  • Black Flies, eh! Game two - 
    The gloves and the bats were on fire for the Black Flies, Eh!!!
    It was great to have Amanda back on the field. 
    Play of Game 2 goes to Nicky for her grand slam in the open inning!!
    Play of the game(s) goes to the whole team for the sportsmanship, support and teamwork. 

Canadian Mint GSG (Grand Slam Girls) Dana and Alyssa - way to go ladies!

  • Silver Maples lost to the Blue team. Play of the game was Patty with a superb catch. Everyone played a great game!
  • Canadian Mint was faced with a big double header this evening! In the first game they had the bats flying. Special shoutout goes to Jackie's bat which was on fire for her first game out! In the second game we have to mention the spectacular catching skills by Terri and Dana - they made it look easy...and graceful !!​
  • ​La Bats Bleus beat the Silver Maples on a lovely night with some heavy hitting. Fun was had by all !  Second game of the night was against Canadian Mint. We struggled throughout the entire game, but with some luck and lots of positive energy we had a very successful open inning and were able to pull into the lead by one run. Fun night !!
  • Orange you glad we're Canadians played the Black Flies, eh! "Ru stepped up to the plate tonight to swat down some black flies"
  • Sarah caught a pop fly at home for the out. Tara had a lovely hop and tumble at left.
    Nancy shone at 1st with two outs - one with the throw from short (Nikki) and the other a grounder to first. Gayla hit a nice double to start off the open inning. Sue and Tara managed to stop a strong fly to centre to keep the runners from advancing. Shirly got a nice hit for her first game!! Black Flies, Eh!  win the game!
    Definitely a team effort for the win. 

  • Crazy Canucks played a double header -  play of the 1st game goes to Kristen for her home run to the fence. And to our pitchers Diane and Sheila for both games.
  • ​Grey was hot last night, but red was hotter, and they earned a great win.
    Moe had a superb catch, Sam was really working it at 2nd, and Mary was a pitching machine! Thanks for the fun ladies.

  • Thanks to the green team for stepping up and helping out Orange who were short a couple players. Green pulled out a win with 2 grand slams bringing in 8 runs!
  • La Bats Bleus played a double header - 1st game against Black flies eh? It was a close one. A fine job with only 7 players we only had 2 in the field!!! We held them for the first few innings, but then their bats went where we weren't. Which was almost everywhere!! Way to run out to right field from 1st Barb!! 
    We played red for the second game, Madison made it from downtown and we picked up Moe and Lori to help. Thanks Ladies!! Well our bats were on fire for this game. Madison, Alecia and Diane had amazing hits to help run the score up for us, and Christianne had a stellar catch at short stop.!"

  • Play of the game for Canadian Mint goes to our grand slam hitters - yes that is plural ! Alyssa and Dana were both hitting machines last night, each coming away with GRAND SLAMS !! Shout out to Jackie who made some awesome plays at 2nd base and to Jen for making an amazing catch in the field!

Happy Birthday Gayla !!

  • Silver Maples played a close one last night, losing by 1 run. Great hits by Marlene and Christy!
  • La Bats Bleus played a double header last night and won both games! First game vs Red the play of the game was a fabulous double play and our bats were on fire! Second game vs Black Flies. An amazing play by "Blue eyes" Danielle at 2nd base to Barb on first! Great night of ball!
  • Canadian Mint - A few ice packs were needed for tonight's game as a head and fingers were sacrificed - but thankfully we had some troopers! Wonderful double play by Sue on 3rd base to end the inning. Shoutout to Penny for her 3 run homer as well as Tavannah for her RBI game winner!
  • ​Orange you Glad we're Canadian - BIG congrats to Ru for her first Grand Slam of the season helping Orange defeat the Black Flies! Well Done Ru!

Cindy and Anna using a plastic sign as a shovel to clear and fill the puddle at the plate - very resourceful!

  • Orange you Glad we're Canadian would like to send a shout out to all the subs that stepped in for both Orange and Red last night! 
  • Play of the game for Canadian Mint goes to Dana for her spectacular home run - hit to opposite field ! Shout out to Sue for her "homerun" hit as well...she had already hit in the 5th run. On defense Jackie was on fire at 2nd base and we had some great defensive innings as whole! Special shout out to our volunteer umpire who we wouldn't have been able to play without ;)
  • ​La Bats Bleus - Plays of the game - Dawn pitched the entire game and still had the energy to snag sharp line drives And Gizelle's solo homer in the first inning!
  • Black Flies, Eh ! Play of the game - Anne's catch at 2nd and the hope to make the out at 1st.  Thank you Anne for helping and to the green team for lending us a catcher. 

        Try as we might and with great defence, the Black Flies just couldn't pull off the win.

  • Silver Maples play of the game goes to Ashley for making a great catch in each of our games!

Black Flies, Eh vs Orange you Glad we're Canadian!

Minties finally get a chance to celebrate the May tournament win at Kelsey's !!

Tuesday July 18, 2017

Tuesday August 1, 2017

"Orange you glad we're Canadian" vs Black Flies, eh!

Tuesday June 13, 2017

  • Play of the game for the Crazy Canucks goes to Meaghan in left field, Kristen for her home run and Theresa for hitting and catching!
  • Silver Maples played a double header and won both games! We were short and picked up a player in our 2nd game. Shout out to Marlene, Natalie and Patty. All were MVP's! Extra thanks to our sub for being a good sport!
  • Despite a rather chilly evening Canadian Mint came out swinging and got 5 runs right off the bat. Everyone's bat was on fire! Special shout out to Penny who made a wonderful outfield snag to end the inning and to Alyssa coming up big with a 2 run homerun! 
  •  Orange you Glad played a double header as well. In the second game Nikki hits a beautiful lead off double in the bottom of an open only to run in from 2nd thanks to a nice hit by Ru to start the scoring!
  • ​​It was a very chilly evening for the 1st week of June!! La Bats Bleu's bats were on fire last night even though we were down to only 10 players. Our defence could do no wrong either. Paula and Dawn pitched a stellar game.
  • The night started out cold, wet and windy but we persevered. It turns out that double plays area a Black Flies, eh! specialty with Sue and Amanda being the DP line. The teamwork and support on the Black Flies is astounding! Sue had a great ground hit that just eluded Grey shortstop to get to fist safe. Shirly has clearly been hiding her talents as she once again hit safely to advance the runners. It was a close game but the Black Flies just couldn't eke out the win, losing by one run.
  • La Bats Bleu played our last regular season games last night. We have gelled so much as a team this year, with some amazing ladies!! Congrats to Sue on her move out West with her son! We will miss her team spirit!! Everybody played a stellar game! Looking forward to the playoffs and end of year banquet in a couple of weeks!!
  • Silver Maples play of the game goes to Moe for 2 great catches and Lori who also made a great catch. We have been playing like troopers without a full roster! 
  • First game of the double header for Black Flies, Eh! saw some great defensive play: Peggy's reflexes were on point to catch a line drive to the pitcher for an out in a fast inning. However we just couldn't seem to get our bats to sing and lost to Green.
  • Black Flies, Eh! second game of the double header saw more great defensive plays including amazing catches in the outfield by Nicole and Karen. Conditions in the outfield deteriorated as the humidity rose and the temperature lowered, causing slippery and wet field conditions. However everyone made the best of the conditions and did their best to make accommodations for them. All in all, even with our bats coming out for the second game, the Black Flies put in another loss to Blue.
  • ​Canadian Mint brought the big bats tonight! Jackie hit a slugger to the fence and Dana and Alyssa both rocked a home run! Minties managed to pull it off and win in the bottom of the open inning.

Play of the Game

Ru the Grand Slam hitter!

  • The Black Flies, Eh! Brought their bats smoking!
    Awesome defensive play by the team resulting in a Three up three down second inning
    Karen's pitching debut was a success
    Peggy caught a  line drive catch to the pitcher for a third out
    Karen's catch at 3rd was the stuff of legends.

    Sue made a beautiful catch in left for an out.

  • ​First game of the season Canadian Mint came out strong! We had some fabulous plays and awesome hits. Special shoutout to Dana for her 3 run homerun and Anna for her wonderful pitching! Thanks to everyone for baring the cold, looking forward to warmer nights!
  • Game 1 Silver Maples played Black and lost 7-8. Then we played Red. And lost 9-18. Game 1 Patty caught 2 outs. And Christy hit a big one. Game 2 we played a great game  
  • ​The Crazy Canucks (red) played a double header. 1 win and 1 loss. Congrats to Kristin for hitting a home run! A shoutout to Theresa - new to the league - great at bats considering Bill had to show her where to stand at the plate the first time up! Way to go ladies! 
  • ​Orange you glad we're Canadians won against the red team 15-4.
    Rebecca's dedication didn't go unnoticed as she crawled across home to score a run! See pic below...

Tuesday August 15, 2017

Silver Maples and their dedicated fans  trying to stay dry

Keep smiling Nikki!

Tuesday June 27, 2017

  • La Bats Bleu had some good bats last night. Unfortunately when we hit to Cindy in the field, she would scoop them up like a human vacuum!! Lee kept it away from her and hit one into deep right field for a home run!! In the end we lost to the green, but it was a fun game!!
  • Play of the game for Canadian Mint goes to Cindy for making multiple outfield catches. She made 3 incredible grabs - even diving for one and skinning her knees! Sue also made a nice line drive catch on 3rd. and a shout out to Alyssa who caught not 1, but 2 high pop flies at short. Great game ladies!
  • Play of the game for Black Flies eh, goes the the whole team for winning both games in the double header. Each game by 1 run. Way to go Black flies!
  • Crazy Canucks play of the game goes to Rebecca for getting her first big hit! Well Done Rebecca!
  • Orange you Glad's play of the game goes to Ru, who tried out Sherry's bat and was assured by the ump that she'd hit a homerun with it...guess what, she did! Well done Ru!!
  • Silver Maples won against the Black Flies Eh! Great game - player of the game goes to Lori - she ROCKS!! 
  • Canadian Mint was up for their double header this evening. Thanks you very much to Kelsey for subbing the first game and hitting her stellar home run! The second game we had a come from behind win when our bats came up big in the bottom of the open inning. Thank you very much to Paula for subbing and snagging that out at home plate!
  • The Black Flies, eh! played the Silver Maples. Nikki started scoring by hitting a 3 run home run !!  Great 3rd inning with fantastic plays by the infield. Double play! Wait, was it? Yes, yes it was!! Despite our best efforts. the Black Flies couldn't grab the lead. Nikki's bat was on fire Play of the game to Nicole for never giving up at bat - for which she was rewarded with a beautiful hit over the shortstops head.

Ru the home run hitter !

  • La Bats Bleus beat Orange you Glad - Although we played in the rain we had some fun when it let up a little and became a refreshing mist. Play of the game goes to Sue for her two awesome catches in the very wet and dark outfield! She's also sporting a nice road rash from sliding into 3rd !
  • Silver Maples beat the Canadian Mint. A good game, great catching by Moe and Lori. Also we were supposed to play a double header but Red were short 4 players so they cancelled - no complaints from the Silver Maples. LOL!
  • Orange you Glad we're Canadian played short handed against the La Bats Bleus. In spite of having only 3 outfielders and 4 infielders we managed to stick with it and not get slaughtered! Kudos to Nikki for playing both SS and 3rd base at the same time however, sadly she just couldn't cover 2nd as well - LOL! Shoutout to Cass for a couple of amazing hits to the outfield, unfortunately they happened to land right into Sue's glove :(
  • Canadian Mint showed up and played through the icky weather. Play of the game goes to Alyssa for hitting a homerun! Special thanks to Cindy and Anna for clearing the puddle from home plate!
  • A very big THANK YOU to Adrienne and Bill, our umpires extraordinaire for showing up and calling the games through the very wet, rainy weather!
  • Play of the game for the Crazy Canucks goes to Moe for catching some amazing balls and to Diane for her stellar pitching!
  • Canadian Mints had their last double play of the season. In the first game, Jackie's aggravation with her tight underwear got her bat swinging and legs moving! We are hoping she'll wear them next week...after washing them of course! The play of the game for the second game goes to Cindy who was making some great catches in the outfield as Blue was whacking them out there!

Tuesday August 8, 2017

Tuesday June 20, 2017

Nicole always keeping the team spirit!

Orange you Glad we're Canadian!

Tuesday July 4, 2017

Tuesday August 23, 2017

  • Lat Bats Bleus beats the Crazy Canucks - Play of the game - started out very soggy but turned out to be a beautiful night for a ball game. the star of the game Christianne aka"Leggs" ....She was unstoppable at the plate and in the field!
  • Silver Maples played Orange you Glad we're Canadian in a very muddy game. All the ladies were players of the game for coming out in that rain and close thunder !
  • Orange you Glad we're Canadian wins against the Silver Maples. Cass breaks her batting curse by hitting a beautiful double! Way to go Cass!
  • Canadian Mint played a double header on a very damp and chilly night. Shout outs go to Alyssa for making a great double play, Anna, Terri and Alyssa for some awesome pitching. And lastly to Dana for catching the fly ball to end our 2nd game. Everyone just wanted to go home to a nice warm bath. Canadian Mint keeps their winning streak alive! 

Tuesday May 30, 2017

Tuesday July 25, 2017

Tuesday May 9, 2017

A beautiful rainbow over Diamond 3

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Tuesday July 11,  2017

  • Despite questionable (and swampy) infield conditions, the Black Flies brought their A game. the bats were smoking for the first half of the game and Peggy's pitching was spot on. Blue's bats came out to match our bats during the second half of the game. Karen had two beautiful catches at left field as the ball was hit straight to her. Despite our best efforts we were unable to keep the lead.
  • Canadian Mint came out swinging despite the cold. We fought through it and Penny and Alyssa hit home runs! A big Happy Birthday goes out to Pat and a shout out to Penny for bringing the cupcakes!
  • Silver Maples were victorious in their first playoff game! It was a close one for sure with the play of the game going to Moe for making those awesome catches at Short!
  • Play of the Game for the Crazy Canucks goes to Kristin for hitting a homer. They brought their A game and gave the Silver Maples a run for their money!
  • Orange you Glad we're Canadian played had the Canadian Mint's running around like crazy in the open inning - bringing in 7 runs. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for the win, but shout outs go to Cass for some amazing hits and Alona, who was spot on even after a month of holidays!

Tuesday May 23, 2017

Pat our birthday princess! 

Now THAT is team spirit !!

​Good on ya Rebecca!

"Orange you Glad we're Canadian's" Cass hits a double!

Canadian Mint and their loyal fan base enjoying a bevie or two ;) to celebrate a fun season!

Tuesday June 6, 2017

  • It was a beautiful evening to play ball!! Defence was hot on both sides, but we managed to get bats going to snag the win. Paula hit a smoker out to left field, to bring in a few runs, as well as Christianne and Dawn S.  Great win LaBats Bleu!!"
  • Play of the game for the Crazy Canucks goes to Olivia for her amazing catch at home plate. and kudos to the rest of the Crazy Canucks for coming at them with some massive bats !
  • Silver Maples played a double header - First game vs La Bats Bleus, Michelle got 2 out in a fast chase and tag - well done Michelle ! Second game vs the Black Flies, Stephanie had a great hit and Sam was playing hard !
  • Close game between Orange and Black, but Cass was able to hold off Black's at bats allowing Orange to come away with the win!
  • Canadian Mint had a few great grabs in their game tonight. Shout out to Anna, Nancy and Dana for their wonderful catches!
  • Black Flies vs Orange - with great defence the Black Flies managed to close the scoring gap but wasn't able to get the win. Play of the game goes to Kelsey for her awesome triple.
  • Black Flies game 2 - Kelsey double down on her triple with a home run to bring in 3 run. Amanda pitched a three up three down inning and the Black Flies eked out a win over Silver!